Mikrotik WiFi Trick: Firmware Upgrade

The access point controller, Mikrotik router hEX, had upgraded to latest stable version: 6.48.4. All other APs were at 6.47.10. How to upgrade all APs easily?

CAPsMAN can set upgrade policy to let APs upgrade to the same version as APC. After setting the policy to suggest-same-version, All APs haven’t did the upgrade after waiting for a while.

I noticed package-path field: If empty string is set, CAPsMAN can use built-in RouterOS packages, note that in this case only CAPs with the same architecture as CAPsMAN will be upgraded. Same architecture means same CPU architecture. Router hEX is MMIPS, mAP Lite is MIPSBE while wAP ac is ARM. So I need to download MIPSBE and ARM packages and put them to the router for APs to download. It is easy to found devices packages from download page.

The router, hEX, has 16MB storage, only several MB left besides system usage. each upgrade package is about 12MB, it is no way to upgrade package to internal storage. I formatted a USB storage to FAT32, and inserted to the router. The router auto mounted the USB stroage to CF folder. After uploading two packages under CF/upgrade, and set the package-path to CF/upgrade. All APs auto rebooted in a short time to latest version. It is fast and amazing.


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